Miles Silver

Possibly Ghosts

by Miles Silver

A layered ballad, a fine line.
  • 04:00 Lyrics Possibly Ghosts

    Possibly Ghosts


    I guess all the actors are torn

    Is this the final bow?

    When there’s no eloquence

    Spoken here anyhow.


    Obsess with these thoughts so worn

    Keep pulling that rusty plow

    Turns the dirt of consequence

    What can we sow here right now?


    So goodbye maybe

    And what if only

    We say it’s in the past

    Just say it’s in the past.


    I confess we had never sworn

    To fight on anyhow

    And there’s no evidence

    Of a pledge or a vow



    I guess before ghosts are born

    Something must die somehow

    Is it your preference

    To be haunted right now?



The ninth single release to date.